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(a) problems about email

Q: I have a huge mail stuck in my mailbox, and can't download it. What can I do?
A: Try setting your mail client to check mail less often (set it to once per hour or so). Some silly mail clients will try to check the mail again while it's still downloading already. If this still doesn't help, try using a web-based mail reader such as or try one of the sites listed in this web directory. You can also telnet to our server and use Pine, a text-based UNIX mail client.

Q: I'm trying to check the mail of, but it doesn't work.
A: Your POP3 username will never be "info", which is already taken. Instead, you must check mail as the real user that info at your domain is forwarded to.

Q: I'm trying to send out mail using my domain as the mail server, but it doesn't work.
A: For sending mail, you must use your ISP's mail server as your outgoing (SMTP) server. Our mail server is used only for incoming mail, or mail originating from itself.

(b) problems about www

Q: I want to let people download some new kind of file (such as whatever.vqf), but it just shows a bunch of garbage when people click it.
A: Send a mail to support at telling us the file's extension and what kind of file it is, and we will add it to the web server's known MIME types.

Q: I uploaded my CGI scripts, but they don't work. It tells me "Internal Server Error".
A: There are several possibilities. Verify each of these:

  1. File was uploaded in ASCII mode
  2. File is executable (octal mode 755)
  3. Current and previous directories are not writable by "group" or "other"
  4. First line of the script points to a valid interpreter (/bin/sh or /usr/local/bin/perl)
  5. In PERL scripts, make sure your email address has a \ before the @ (such as me\

For more clues, telnet to the server and type "tail /home/logs/cgi.log". Try running the script on the command line to make sure it isn't complaining about missing PERL modules. The script should print "Content-Type: text/html" as the first line, followed by a blank line.

Q: Instead of running my CGI files, it just shows them to me.
A: Rename them to *.cgi or put them in the cgi-bin directory.

Q: I transferred my domain from another ISP. Everything is fine, except for people using that ISP for dialup - they can't see my site or send me mail.
A: That ISP still has your domain listed in their nameservers. They need to be asked to remove it.

Q: I'm uploading my pages, but my browser still shows the old page, even when I clear the cache and shift-reload.
A: If you have both index.htm and index.html, the index.html will be the one to load - make sure you are updating the right one.

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