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Basic CGI Mega
HK$100 (US$13.33)
per month
HK$150 (US$20.00)
per month
HK$200 (US$26.66)
per month
FREE .com/.net/.org domain if you prepay yearly

500 MB web space
3 POP/IMAP email accounts

No limit on data transfer
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited email forwarding

Web control panel and Webmail interface
IMAP/POP3/SMTP over secure SSL/TLS encryption
Basic Mailing lists
Web counter
Web statistics (daily and monthly)
Standard CGI scripts
(such as mailform and redirect)
Private newsgroups
Server-Side-Includes support (*.shtml)
Java Servlet and JSP support
RealAudio/Video streaming
Submission to 1000 search engines

1 GB web space
5 POP/IMAP email accounts

Includes all features of the Basic package, plus:

CGI enabled on your domain for custom scripts and can be called from within .shtml files
PERL 5 available (with popular modules)
PHP4 / PHP5 support
MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin
UNIX account enabled for telnet or SSH
Pine (UNIX mail reader) for you to use
Advanced Mailing lists with automatic subscribe / unsubscribe
C/C++/Java compiler for CGI development
Python & Ruby
Frontpage Extensions support
Webdav support

SSL enabled under your domain name (extra cost for the SSL certificate)

2 GB web space
10 POP/IMAP email accounts

Includes all features of the Basic and CGI package except Web Statistics, plus:

Optimized for high-traffic sites (logging and DNS lookups turned off)

Your own MySQL server (root access) option available (extra cost)

Your own Tomcat server option available (extra cost)

Each additional POP email account - HK$10 per month (except express package)
Each additional domain sharing the same web space - half of the original package price (except express package)
Disk space upgrade - double the package's original space for half of the package's price (except express package)
e.g. Basic package HK$50 for 500MB more; CGI package HK$75 for 1GB more; Mega package HK$100 for 2GB more

Unique IP number HK$100 per month

To use your own SSL certificate under your domain name- SSL certificate can be bought by yourself or bought by us
2048-bit High-grade encryption SSL certificate for 1 domain HK$300 per year

Your own MySQL server HK$200 per month (requires Mega package) - "root" access to your copy of mysql, can create users and databases yourself

Your own Tomcat server HK$200 per month - you can choose any version of tomcat installed under your home directory

Free .com/.net/.org domain name:
We will register a .com/.net/.org domain for you free of charge when you prepay one year of service in any hosting package. Your domain will also be renewed free of charge each year as long as you have prepaid the following year of hosting service.

Special note: Excluding Express package, we have no data transfer limits - even the busiest sites are welcome. However, if you have an extremely popular site (such as regularly receiving over 10,000 raw hits per day, or offering chat features that function by constantly reloading a CGI), you must take our Mega Package, which performs no logging of accesses or DNS lookups of remote hosts.
Banner exchange or pay-per-click CGIs are not allowed in any package. If you want to do this, you should get your own server.

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