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how to become a reseller

When you become a reseller, you will receive a 25% discount on all our services. To qualify, you need only to host 6 domains with us. Here's how to do it:

Step 1

Send us an Email
Let us know that you would like to become a reseller. Please give your billing and contact information, and describe why you want to become a reseller. A reseller ID will then be assigned to you.

Step 2

Apply for Hosting
Use your reseller ID when applying. Once you have 6 domains, your monthly bill will automatically be reduced by 25%.

resellers faq

Resellers are an important part of our business. You might be wondering, "Why should anyone buy from a reseller instead of going directly to the source?" A reseller can give personal attention to customers in a way not possible by us, or bundle web hosting with other services such as designing.

Q: Will my customers find out where their domain is actually hosted?
A: While It is impossible to completely hide this from someone who knows where to look (using whois, traceroute, viewing mail headers, etc.), we will keep everything as private as possible. Announcements and any other identifying information will only be sent to you.

Q: How is technical support handled?
A: You can choose either to have your customers contact us directly, or to support them yourself by asking us their questions. We will not contact your customers unless they ask us something directly.

Q: How is payment made?
A: In all cases, you will make full payment for all domains and features to us. You must collect your payment from your customers. If a customer of yours does not want to pay, let us know, and we will suspend their service until you tell us to resume it. You do not need to pay for the time a service is suspended.

Q: How much should I charge my customers?
A: Only you can make this decision. You can charge any amount you think is fair. Generally, it is not a good idea to charge a lot more unless you add some value-added service of your own, such as marketing / promotion consultation, design, or telephone support.

Q: Is there any limitation to the 6 domains hosted?
A: Each domain has to use a separate hosting package, Basic or up. i.e. Additional domains and Express pacakge are not counted.

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