server hosting

domain availability

Server hosting is for sites with very special requirements for which a secure multi-user environment is not suitable.

Some good examples include

2 different server hosting packages

managed DIY
we provide the server hardware
your choice of Sun Microsystems Netra X1 (400-500MHz, 256k cache, IDE hard disks for greater capacity) or Netra T1 model 105 (360-440MHz, 2MB cache, SCSI hard disks for better reliability)

we manage it for you
install, configure, set up software, apply security patches, fix any problems, monitor bandwidth used, provide basic training on usage, etc.

we provide rack space and network connection

we provide remote serial console and Lights-Out-Management access
you can boot into single-user mode for maintenance
you provide your own hardware

you take care of maintenance yourself
security must be hardened before we allow it to be connected to our networks

we provide emergency hardware repair when possible

we provide rack space and network connection
monthly fee: hk$ 3,000 (us$ 387)
setup charge: hk$ 3,000 (us$387)
minimum contract: 6 months
one-month termination notice after min. contract
monthly fee: hk$ 2,000 (us$ 258)
setup charge: hk$ 1,000 (us$129)
no minimum contract term
one-month termination notice

please contact us to discuss your requirements, questions, or to request an official quotation

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