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Please read through the whole document, it might be important to you later.

1.  It is not allowed to put up content that may violate the laws of Hong
Kong.  This includes sexually explicit material, political protesting,
copyrighted material that you do not have permission to redistribute, and
stuff like that.  It is probably okay to link to them though, please check
the laws if you're not sure.

2.  It is not allowed to use any of our services in a way that is damaging
to us.  This means you can not try to crash our system, hack into it, or
do anything else intended to cause harm or trouble to us.  If you are
using our services to intentionally harm or trouble others, it will be our
decision whether to allow it.

3.  Junk mail (spam) is not allowed at all.  If you (or anyone else using
the services you obtained from us) send spam even mentioning your domain
name, your services will be instantly terminated without any warning or
refund of payment.

If any of the above conditions are not followed, we reserve the right to
terminate the services with no refund of payment.  This will be decided by
us, depending on the situation.  We may also decide to suspend services
temporarily until we reach an agreement.  Remember, we are all human.

If you would like to terminate any of the subscribed services, one month's
advance notice is normally required.  An exception to this is the first two
weeks of the first subscribed service, within which you can terminate
instantly.  Refund of payment can never be given, but if you are a reseller,
you may transfer the credit to other services currently subscribed to. (For
resellers, this means that if you prepay 6 months then decide to cancel one
domain, the remaining credit can be used for another domain you have here)

There is no warranty on our services, and we can not be held legally
responsible for any downtime or trouble with our services.  No refund or
credit can be made for downtime.  We will do our very best to maintain the
highest level of service possible though; your business is important to us.

These terms and conditions may change in the future.  The latest revision will
always be available on our web site.  Any changes will be effective
immediately, so it is advised to take a look from time to time,
especially if you intend to use our services in a questionable manner.

If you are a reseller, these terms and conditions apply to you - you need to
make sure that your customers comply with the conditions.

Thanks for choosing us!

[last modification: 01Mar99]
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