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By using an autoresponder, you can let people know that their message has been delivered. Whenever somebody sends mail to an autoresponder-enabled address, they immediately receive a reply with a message you configure.


simply sends a response to the original sender to let them know that their message was delivered


will also quote everything they wrote, so they can be sure the entire message made it safely

When setting up an autoresponder, there are 5 items to configure:

Here is an example autoresponder for a sales address:

in the file [.qmail-sales] |/usr/local/bin/autorespond 1800 3 salesmessage.txt salesmessage.tmp no
in the file [salesmessage.txt] From: your name <>
Subject: (subject of your autoresponder)
thanks for your message, and interest in our products!
we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The TIME option is 1800 seconds, which is 30 minutes. After 3 replies (to the same address) within 30 minutes, no more will be sent to them. This is very important for stopping endless loops between two autoresponders.
The FILE [salesmessage.txt] is a text file that you upload to your home directory, and DIR [salesmessage.tmp] is an empty directory you create.
In this case, QUOTE is set to no and the autoresponder will not show what the original sender wrote.
The second line in the .qmail-sales file will send a copy of the message to the normal mailbox. If you leave out the second line, then you'll never receive the original mail. This is rarely desired.

3 steps to create a new autoresponder

  1. Edit your .qmail-whatever file, and insert this line:
    |/usr/local/bin/autorespond 1800 3 mymessage.txt mymessage.tmp no
    Also insert your email address.
  2. Create mymessage.txt with the message you want to give
  3. Create an empty directory called mymessage.tmp
    Then, send a test message to yourself to make sure it's working the way you expect.
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