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basic mailing lists

Basic mailing lists are a quick and easy way of maintaining a list of members. They don't have the advanced features of the normal mailing lists, and are the most simple.

Step 1

Create a list of all member email addresses, one per line. Use only a text editor like notepad, not a word processor. All email addresses should be in the bare form, (do not include real names, spaces, or < and >). Save it as a text file on your local system.

Step 2

Upload the file to your home directory, and rename it to .qmail-listname if you saved it as something else. (remember to use ASCII mode in ftp). At this point, your list should be working.

Step 3

Optional. Create a file called .qmail-listname-owner and put the list maintainer's email address inside. All error mails will be sent to this address instead of the sender of the original message.

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