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checking mail

General Settings for your email program

POP3 Server (incoming): Your domain name (for example, "")
SMTP Server (outgoing): This is provided by your ISP. See below for the setting of major ISPs in Hong Kong. You should also look at the instructions supplied by you ISP.
Netvigator - (authentication needed: put in your netvigator username & password) how to set up
I-Cable -
NET Front -
HKNet -
ABC Net -
iSmart -
Pacific Supernet -
Onebb -

Username: The UNIX username created for you. It is always 8 characters or less, and is unique on the system.
Password: Our confirmation email tells you about your initial password. Remember to change it.

If you have a default forwarding to your master account (the FTP account), use that username. You can set the From: address to be anything at your domain, and your account will receive the reply.

You can also use our webmail interface (Express package users please use this)
Or telnet/ssh to our server and use Pine to check your mail (CGI package and above). If telnet is not enabled for your account, please ask us to enable it.

Looking for free web-based POP3 access? Check out the web directory here.
To check your email, you need a mail client. We recommend Thunderbird & Eudora.
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