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domain registration

Cost: HK$200 per year
Source: HKDNR

Only a Hong Kong company or organization can register a or domain, so if you do not have a valid business registration certificate, you will need to ask us to use our own company information when registering the domain. A faxed copy of your registration certificate is normally needed. The same rules apply for and, but they can only be used by non-profit organizations and schools. Only a PNETS-licensed ISP can use a domain. You'll need to register the domain yourself. More details can be found at


Cost: US$35 per year
Source: Network Solutions

Anybody with a credit card can register a .com domain, if it's still available. You can either use Network Solutions (the oldest and most established), or one of many competing registrars. The full list of registrars is available at
Other popular registrars:
Dotster -
GoDaddy -
Joker -
Pairnic -

Here's the steps for Network Solutions

Our nameservers

Primary Nameserver:
Host name:
IP address: (Optional in some registrars)

Secondary Nameserver:
Host name:
IP address: (Optional in some registrars)

Note for transferring from another ISP

When doing this, you should notify the other ISP that they need to remove your domain from their nameservers, and in some rare situations (for .com/.net/.org domains), they may need to authorize the transfer of your domain (depending on who is listed as the contacts and/or what authentication methods are used).

When the domain has been transferred, it will normally take one day for various nameservers all over the world to update their cache information. During that time, some people will see the old site and some will see the new.

Want to register a domain other than .com /
.net / .org and .hk?
Check for the instructions of the particular country's domain registry here.
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