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redirect cgi

The redirection CGI is useful for having a pull-down navigation menu without using javascript. It can redirect you to any URL.

Example usage

<form action="/bin/nph-redir.cgi" method="get">
Please select a product category:<br>
<select name="dest">
<option value="/products/handbags.html">Handbags</option>
<option value="/products/shoes.html">Shoes</option>
<option value="/products/belts.html">Belts</option>
<option value="">Manufacturer's site</option>
<input value="go" type="submit">

note: the attribute name="dest" and action="/bin/nph-redir.cgi"cannot be named any other way for this cgi to work.

Frame/window targeting:

Adding target="frame_name" to the <form> tag, like:

<form action="/bin/nph-redir.cgi" method="get" target="main">

It will then redirect to the frame named main. Other options include "_blank" which wil open a new window, and "_top" which will break out of frames.

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