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uploading your site

After you fill out the sign-up form, it won't take more than a day for us to set up. You will be sent a confirmation email with all the email/ftp settings and passwords once your account is set up.

Use the ftp host and username/password given in your confirmation email to log in. The ftp host is usually your domain name and if it's not registered or transferred to us yet, it'll be the IP stated in our confirmation email. You will start out in your home directory, which is used for keeping email forwarding information for your domain and other private files.

Put all your web pages in the directory "www". (except Express package users, please put your files in the folder you start out right after you login)

Make sure you use ASCII mode to transfer .html, cgi, and other text files; and Binary mode for everything else.

To upload files using Internet Explorer, please enter "ftp://username@host/" in the address bar. It'll ask you for the ftp password. You can then drag files from a folder in your computer into the Explorer window.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact us.

If you're looking for a FTP client to transfer your web pages to our server (except FrontPage users) , pick one from here.
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